The Code Hope

To create the Africa we want, the gospel of technological literacy must be spread to every man woman, and child. We believe in the great potential Africa holds, We want to unravel it, we need to harness it.

Code Hope is a non profit initiative of Devs’ District focused on equipping children, youths and women with technological skills challenging them to solve problems in their communities and preparing them for the jobs of the future.


Just as languages open up the ability to communicate with worlds of people, programming gives children the ability to create technologies that impact those around them. With just a computer, kids can use their programming skills to build things that could change the world. We took the #Hourofcode to schools in Ondo state to make the kids aware of the new language emerging around the world.


We partnered with Tech4Dev to launch the Nigerian Women Techsters Initiative which is focused on empowering over 2500 Nigerian women with technology related skills across 12 states. The project sponsored by Microsoft and supported by several state government is to run for four (4) cohorts with three states to be covered in each cohort. The training for the 1st Cohort which involved Oyo, Ondo and Ekiti State was handled by Dev’s District with participant developing solutions like Pro-bono legal help platform for domestic violence victims, Free used books redistribution platform, Lassa Fever Epidemic orientation game etc. Some of which are currently being considered for sponsorship by Microsoft and other organizations. The training was weekend based and lasted for three months with over 500 females trained.


It takes an empowered village to raise a child in the digital age”: We are building community capacity to drive sustainable learning impact across Africa, instilling digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation. Africa Code Week empowers.


  • To introduce coding and digital literacy to
    8-16 year-olds.
  • To shape the next generation of experts in technology use.
  • To shed light on how technology addresses real-life problems and can be used for betterment.


  • To raise awareness of the critical importance of digital / coding literacy in the 21st century.
  • To encourage teachers to participate in TTTs.
  • To encourage schools to take part in Africa Code Week.
  • To adopt a coding curriculum for sustained impact on youth.

To achieve these goals, we organized a 5 days workshop in each of Ondo and Edo States during the Africa code week 2017 and trained over 1200 students and their teachers to code.

EquipAKSchool Project

equipAKschool is a project with the objective of funding and equipping public secondary schools in Low income and underserved communities with computer laboratories then training the students in computer programming to prepare them for future demand in technology and community-centred solutions. The Project launched at CAC grammar school Akure, Ondo state recently with plans to scale to more schools and communities.

6000+ Children, youths and women


We do our best to keep pushing towards the goal, a future where Africa is at the forefront of innovation and creativity. Wanna help us do some good? We accept volunteers and sponsors.