Hardware Lab

Our Hardware Lab is innovation studio with a unique focus on hardware. We start with design-lead prototyping, then work to develop those prototypes into manufacturable products.

The products we help develop give our startup clients the necessary foundation to grow their new venture and allow more established companies to explore new opportunities especially for software based ventures looking to use hardware as a vehicle to drive their business and increase market acceptability of their product.

With a high performing and dedicated team we are able to rapidly design, develop and deliver scalable hardware products to fulfill the revolutionary visions of our clients.

What We Do

Product Discovery

 Workshops & Consulting

We work with teams in early stages of ideation in an accelerated 4-6 week process where we uncover opportunities to bring the ideas they have to life.

We combine human centered design techniques and interdisciplinary engineering rigor with a hands-on, lab-style prototyping approach and patent research to develop the products’ core technology and brand attributes.

Product Development and Manufacturing

We offer a three-phase product development process over the course of 3-7 months to all project beginning with a deep research of the project goals. We then move to the development phase, where we apply a holistic product architecture that balances industrial design, engineering, and prototyping. In this phase, we make important design decisions that are carried out during phase two as we continue to design and develop. Refinement being the final stage, we create fully-dimensioned production-ready designs and firmware, and complete prototypes.

Depending on the needs of the client, we provide a 4th phase in which we utilize our relationships with the likes of Titoma and other partners in Asia and the United States to oversee pilot production of products for clients.

Reach out let’s help you achieve your product goals.

Core Capabilities


  • Insight Generation & Need Finding
  • Service Design & Product Invention
  • Brand Strategy & Promise
  • Product Naming
  • Logo & Brand Asset Design
  • First Moment of Truth & Packaging Design
  • Product Definition & Story Arc
  • Product Feature Strategy
  • Brainstorming Product Concepts
  • Experience Scenario Videos


  • Scientific Fundamentals Review & Expert Outreach
  • User Interviews & Research
  • Problem Definition & Research Strategy
  • Open Source & Proprietary Research
  • Competitive & Analogous Product Teardowns
  • Technology Design, Development & Testing
  • Technology Evolution Strategy
  • Market Opportunity & Product Placement
  • Intellectual Property Review


  • Product Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Ergonomics & Human Factors
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • UI/UX
  • App Software Wireframing
  • Firmware Development
  • Works-like Prototypes
  • Looks-like Prototypes